10 Best Sheets for Summer 2018

10 Best Sheets for Summer 2018

Not everyone changes their bedding when the seasons change, but if you want to get a restful night’s sleep during sweltering summer nights, you need sheets that will keep you cool and comfortable.

No one likes waking up sweaty, but what types of sheets should you use in the summer months?

Our guide will answer that question for you. We highlight the 10 best sheets for summer and explain what type of materials you are appropriate to keep you cook and dry all summer long.

Top 10 Sheets for Summer Comparison Chart

PictureNameFabricPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFabricPriceRating (1-5)
1. The Green Farmer Organic Cotton Sheet Set Bedding,300 Thread Count,GOTS Certified, 100% Organic CottonOrganic Cotton$4.7
2. Royal Tradition Silky and Soft Bamboo Blend Sheets, 60% Viscose from BambooBamboo and Cotton Blend$4.7
3. New York Rainbow Egyptian Cotton, Italian Finish Egyptian Cotton bed Sheet SetEgyptian Cotton$$4.6
4. Len Linum European Made Pure Linen Sheets SetLinen$$4.3
5. OOSilk 4 Pieces 100% Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Sheets Set Seamless DeepSilk$$$$4.3
6. Mellanni 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set - 300 Thread Count Percale Cotton$4.3
7. DreamFit BAMBOO DEGREE 5 WHITE SPLIT KING SHEET SETBamboo and Cotton Blend$$$4.3
8. Utopia Bedding Cotton Sateen Bed Sheet Set - 300 Thread countCotton$4.3
9. Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit (T-Shirt) Sheet Set, Twin XL, White Cotton$4.2
10. Abripedic Crispy Percale Sheets, 300-Thread-Count, 4PC Solid Sheet Set Cotton$4.2

Choosing Summer Sheets

There are a lot of sheet sets on the market today, so knowing which are the best sheets for summer can be hard to figure out. There are some basic traits to look for when choosing your summer sheet set. Consider the following information to help narrow down the overwhelming number of bed sheet options.


Breathability is an important characteristic when it comes to summer sheets. Sheets made from natural fibers are the most breathable. Natural fibers also wick away perspiration to keep you cool and dry during the night. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, offer very little ventilation. Choose sheets made from one of the following materials.

  • Cotton. Available in percale, sateen, and jersey weaves, cotton is naturally cool and durable. The best quality cotton sheets are those made from Egyptian cotton, a soft and smooth variety that is only grown along the Nile River.
  • Silk. Silk sheets help regulate body temperature and feel luxurious against the skin. They often come with a hefty price tag, however.
  • Linen. A textile made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen can gain up to 20 percent moisture before it begins to feel damp. In a bed dressed in linen sheets, you can sleep comfortably without the sheets ever feeling damp and clammy from sweat. Linen is more prone to wrinkling due to its stiffer texture, but it becomes more supple with use.


It might seem counter-intuitive to choose a heavier weight sheet for summer use; however lightweight sheets tend to be more insulating as they drape close to the body. A heavier and crisper sheet will ultimately feel more comfortable as they allow for more circulation around the body. As an added benefit, heavyweight sheets are more durable and last longer.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads present in one square inch of fabric. Sheets with a higher thread count generally feel softer against the skin. However, sheets with a very high thread count are more insulating, keeping your body heat trapped under the covers. Choosing sheets with a 300-400 thread count will allow better circulation and ultimately feel cooler while you sleep.


Sheets that are a light color will reflect rather than absorb the light that comes through your bedroom windows during the day. For summer sheets, avoid deep dark colors, since these will hold heat longer.

Top 3 Best Sheets for Summer Reviews

1. The Green Farmer Cotton Sheet Set Bedding

Ethically manufactured using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton using eco-friendly processes, The Green Farmer sheet set is a perfect choice for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies or anyone who simply wants to feel fresh and cool even on the hottest night. With a high tensile strength, these sheets are durable, strong, and tear-resistant. With a thread count of 300, these sheets are soft, comfortable, and exceptionally breathable.

The sateen weave creates a silky-smooth finish that is not only attractive but also feels soft and cool against the skin. Available in natural undyed cotton or a range of soft colors, you’re sure to find the perfect sheets for your bedroom.

The quality and comfort of these sheets, paired with the company’s planet-conscious mission pair to help you sleep easy. The Green Farmer Organic Cotton Sheet Set is hands-down the best sheets for summer on the market today.

2. Royal Tradition Bamboo Blend Sheets

Once you sleep on these soft and luxurious natural fiber sheets, you’ll never want to sleep on other fabrics again. A special blend of 60 percent viscose from bamboo and 40 percent cotton these sheets are terrific for people with allergies and skin sensitivity. However, the bamboo in these sheets is what makes them special. Its natural wicking ability allows them to absorb moisture better than other fabrics, yet won’t leave your bedding feeling damp and sticky. Especially nice for those who suffer from night sweats, these sheets allow you to enjoy cool, dry softness without feeling drenched.

The bamboo blended into these sheets offers more than cool, wicking comfort, however. The fabric is also anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic. Dust mites, bed bugs, mildew, and other nasty organisms are deterred by the bamboo allowing you to sleep deeply with sound peace of mind.

These sheets are fantastic in every way. With quality, comfort, and durability like this, you’ll be sleeping easy.

3. New York Rainbow Egyptian Cotton bed Sheet Set

These soft yet durable 300 thread count sheets are made in the U.S.A. from 100 percent cotton. These sheets are so cool and soft on the skin that sleeping in them almost feels hedonistic. Sleeping between these luxurious and breathable sheets will leave you feeling sumptuously pampered.

These sheets work to regulate body temperature. Perfect for bed partners with differing needs, these sheets help keep you feeling warm or cool without needing to kick off the covers or pile on more. And since they are available in a variety of colors, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your bedroom décor. Super soft and comfortable, these sheets will make it super hard to pull yourself out of bed in the morning.


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