10 Best Duvet Inserts 2018

10 Best Duvet Inserts 2018

Are you looking for that little bit of extra comfort as you snuggle into bed at night? The right duvet insert (aka comforter) can do the trick. Duvet inserts are piled high at every department store, so finding one should be easy. Finding the BEST duvet insert, however, requires a little more research.

We’ve cozied up with a huge selection of comforters and picked the top 10 just for you. We know that information is key when comparison shopping, so we included details of the top three duvet inserts on our list and a handy shopping guide.

Let’s get you warmed up though with a look at the different fill materials used in duvet inserts.

What Are the Types of Duvet Insert Filling?

The fill used in your comforter will determine how warm, cool, lightweight or heavy it is. You will also have to consider any allergies you might have as you make your selection.

  • Wool. Wool duvet inserts are known for their superior ability to regulate heat and moisture. They are also hypoallergenic but do tend to be on the heftier side.
  • Silk. Their unmistakable luxurious feel and breathability are the two factors that set silk duvet inserts apart from the rest. Throw in superior strength and the fact that they are hypoallergenic and it’s no wonder they have such a great reputation.
  • Feather and Down. These comforters are breathable and marvelously comfortable. They are sold with different down to feather ratios – a greater percentage of down giving a lighter and more breathable duvet insert experience.
  • Synthetic. People who are allergic to down but want a duvet insert that closely resembles it, should select a synthetic fill like microfiber. Real down might be a bit denser, but microfiber is easier to care for and more affordable.

Top 10 Duvet Inserts Chart

PictureNameFillingPrice Rating (1-5)
PictureNameFillingPrice Rating (1-5)
1. Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Duvet Insert / ComforterDown Alternative$4.7
2. Hanna Kay Queen Comforter, Year Round Down Alternative ComforterDown Alternative$4.7
3. Egyptian Bedding 600-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Siberian Goose Down ComforterSiberian Goose Down$$$$4.7
4. Utopia Bedding Queen Comforter Duvet Insert White - Quilted Comforter Down Alternative$4.6
5. Superior Solid White Down Alternative Comforter, Duvet Insert, Medium Weight Down Alternative$$4.6
6. Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber ShellDown Alternative$$4.6
7. Royal Hotel's Full / Queen Size Down-Alternative Comforter - Duvet InsertDown Alternative$$4.6
8. MOON'S SLEEPWARES 100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter Silk filled Comforter Silk Quilt Silk DuvetSiberian Goose Down$$$4.6
9. Egyptian Bedding LUXURIOUS 800 Thread Count HUNGARIAN GOOSE DOWN ComforterMulberry Silk$$$$4.6
10. KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert with Conner Tabs Full/Queen Down Alternative$4.5

What Factors Will Influence Your Choice of Duvet Insert?

Comforters come in a wide range of prices with no guarantee that the most expensive one you come across will be the best duvet insert for you. Regardless of how much you spend, your duvet insert purchase can be a smart one if you keep factors such as your personal comfort level and the quality of the duvet insert in mind.

  • Comfort Level. No duvet insert is worth buying if you won’t be comfortable using it and end up leaving it in storage – permanently! A good piece of advice is to choose a light duvet for warm temperatures. Light duvets are also a wise choice if you tend to get hot when you sleep or you just simply prefer to not feel too cloistered in bed.
  • Quality. The shell or outer covering of the comforter is typically made out of cotton. A shell with a high thread count fabric should feel softer and more comfortable against your skin, as well as be airier and more light weight. A higher thread count also helps to ensure that the filling (no matter how fine) stays inside the duvet insert.
  • Design. Two of the most common types of stitching are baffle and quilt stitching.

With the baffle design, the inner fabric walls to hold the fill in small spaces securely: these tend to be the most expensive type.

Quilt stitching is most suitable for lightweight duvet covers since it is made without the inner reinforcements, these are generally much more affordable.

  • Cost. As you shop around for a duvet insert that fits into your budget, remember that spending a little more pays off over time since a good quality comforter will last you for over 10 years if properly cared for.

Top 3 Best Duvet Insert Reviews

1. Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down

Hospitology’s medium warm duvet insert gets a very positive review from us, thanks to its level of comfort and durability. It’s a lightweight insert that uses a down alternative that is both hypoallergenic and 100% polyester. As a result, it has the luxurious feel of down plus the longevity that polyester provides.

One of our major concerns with duvet inserts in general is the clumping some of them are very susceptible to. That bunching of filling in one section that leaves other areas thin can be a real pain. On reviewing the Hospitology comforter we were pleased that its box stitching worked to limit clumping effectively.

As far as cleaning goes, the Hospitology is both machine washable and dryable, although, you are told that professional cleaning is best, particularly when dealing with serious stains. The shell of this duvet insert is made from stain-repelling polyester micro fiber, helping the comforter to go longer between washes.

2. Hanna Kay Queen Comforter

Hanna Kay’s duvet insert is lightweight and designed for use in all seasons. Both its cover and down alternative filling are micro fiber, giving this comforter its moisture-resistant and hypo-allergic properties.

To strengthen the comforter and to help keep the filling in place, the Hanna Kay uses a closed box double stitching construction. The result is that washing and drying it won’t result in any lumpiness.

We found this to be a really soft and airy duvet insert– perfect for people who like snuggling under an extra layer of bedding year-round. We think it is also an excellent choice for people who like their comforters to remain fluffy without having to fluff it up all the time.

3. Egyptian Bedding Egyptian Cotton Comforter

Everything about this Egyptian Bedding duvet insert says “luxury”. Its cover is made of 100% Egyptian cotton with a 600-thread count while the fill is Siberian goose down. This comforter weighs just 70 ounces and is designed to be medium-warm. It is meant to be suitable for use year-round, keeping you comfortable regardless of the surrounding temperature.

The Egyptian Bedding comforter is box-stitched so you can rest assured the filling will not clump and the insert will retain its softness, consistency and shape. You will have to give it a few hours out of its compressed packing however, for it to reach its maximum softness and fluffiness.

While we felt its softness was ideal, if you are after an even softer feel to your down comforter, then the next Egyptian Bedding Siberian down comforter on our list might be better suited for you. It has a 1200-thread count to its cover.


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