10 Best Bedding Sets 2018

10 Best Bedding Sets 2018

If you’re looking for a new bedding set and don’t know where to begin, we are here to help. Our useful guide below, complete with tips on what to look for and think about before you buy, will help you to select one of the best bedding sets for your home.

Considerations for Bedding Sets

  • Thread Count. The amount of threads that are woven together within one square inch (a.k.a. thread count) make a big difference in the quality of the bedding set. If you want a smoother, silkier feel, then you’ll want a higher thread count. 400 is a great count. Anything higher than that is actually hard to achieve, and you’ll see a lot of manufacturers that claim 1,000 – 1,500. Some manufactures consider a single thread with two or three plies as individual threads, even though it is really just one thread twisted around itself. This allows them to claim higher thread counts. Look into this before you assume that a higher number thread count automatically means higher quality!
  • Material. Cotton is usually the best option. It is more breathable, longer lasting and more durable than any synthetic materials you will find.  The only down side to cotton is that it will shrink more easily than synthetic material. Read other buyers’ reviews on the product regarding their washing experiences. Some materials may be dry-clean only, while others are perfectly OK to wash at home.

Top 10 Best Bedding Sets Table

PictureNameStylePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameStylePriceRating (1-5)
1. Quebec Coverlet Set SizeContemporary / Modern$$$4.8
2. Samara 6 Piece Coverlet Set Size: KingContemporary$$$4.8
3. Gray and White Meridian Twin XL 2-piece Duvet-Cover-SetContemporary$$$4.7
4. Aubrey 12 Piece Comforter Set Size: California KingElegant$$$$4.6
5. Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Chic Ruched Duvet Cover SetModern$$$4.5
6. Pinzon Paris Printed Duvet Set, Full/QueenContemporary$$4.5
7. Cozy Beddings Reversible Comforter SetModern$$4.5
8. Chezmoi Collection Austin Bedspread Coverlet Set KingModern / Contemporary $$4.4
9. Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Duvet SetContemporary$$$4.4
10. Pinzon Pleated Hem Egyptian Cotton Sateen Duvet SetContemporary$$$4.0

Choosing the Right Color

Many of the bedding sets above come in different color options and different sizes (twin, king, California king, extra-long, etc.), so remember this as you are looking for the right style to match your home décor.

One of the most difficult things to determine when you’re shopping online is color. What you consider red may seem orange to someone else. What to do?

Check into the return policy of the bedding set before you order. If it arrives and it is not the color you hoped for or looks nothing like the image you saw on your computer screen, then you’ll want to exchange it quickly and hassle-free.

Duvet, Coverlet, Bedspread or Comforter

There are a lot of terms that are misunderstood when it comes to bedding sets.

  • Duvet. This refers to a blanket filled with down feathers, wool or other synthetic materials and it sits on top of the bed. The duvet cover is what you put over this blanket for protection.
  • Coverlet. This also sits on top of the bed and is very light-weight. It’s usually made of quilted or woven materials.
  • Bedspread. Everything usually falls into the bedspread category. This is the blanket that rests on top of your bed, whether it is thick, thin, reversible or decorative.
  • Comforter. This blanket does not contain a removable cover like the duvet. Everything is stitched or quilted into place. It can be either reversible, thick, or thin.

Top 3 Bedding Sets Reviews

1. Quebec Coverlet Set

Our top pick in the bedding set category is definitely the Quebec Coverlet Set. The beautiful, stitched quilt design is easy to integrate into many existing design schemes. Modern, contemporary, country or neutral, this cover and pillow sham set is a great buy.

It’s lightweight, which means that you can leave it on year-round and add warmer blankets under it as needed, and it comes in twin, queen and king sizes.

The ivory color also matches well with other colors from brands that one may have purchased at various chain stores. Wash it at home without a problem and it will maintain its durability.

This is the best bedding set in terms of quality and price.

2. Samara 6 Piece Coverlet

The fun design of the Samara 6-piece Coverlet set is colorful and made of a sturdy cotton/polyester mix. You also get three matching accent pillows! A great deal.

This is also bedding that you can easily wash at home. No shrinkage or color fading.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a guest room, create a tranquil haven in your own room or need an extra pop of color, this is a great bedding set.

3. Gray and White Meridian Twin

The stylish Meridian Duvet Cover set comes in several color combinations, which is great to help you select the right color for your home. The lattice design helps the bed to become a focal point for the bedroom and it is also reversible, which is great if you want to tone down the color effect.

It’s made of 100% Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 300; an excellent quality for the price. You’re sure to find the right size for your bed, because they offer twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king and California king duvet covers. Anyone who needs a bedding set for their home or for a business (i.e. hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, etc.) will love the quality of this duvet set. We highly recommend it!

The Quebec Coverlet Set is the best bedding set in terms of price and quality, but if you happen to choose the Samara 6-piece Set or the Meridian Duvet cover, you’ll be equally happy with your selection.


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