10 Best Beach Coolers 2018

10 Best Beach Coolers 2018

Tell us if this sounds familiar: it’s a nice warm day and you’re at the beach with your friends. You just went for a swim, and now you plan to relax with a cold drink in your hand. You open the lid of your cooler, reach out and realize that the beer is lukewarm instead of ice-cold.

What happened?

Well, the cooler had been sitting in the sun for a couple of hours, and because of the poor quality, the ice melted.

We know how frustrating that can be.

Because we’ve struggled with this problem too, we’ve decided to look for the best beach cooler that won’t let you down.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beach Cooler

Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when shopping for a beach cooler.

  • The Size. Don’t base your decision solely on how many beverages and food you think the cooler can fit. Try to think also of the number of people that accompanies you most of the time. If you’re in doubt, the trick is simple: always opt for the bigger size.
  • Pay Attention to the Features. Consider how you will use the cooler to determine which features will benefit you best. For example, wheels tend to get stuck in the sand, so a cooler with rotating side handles would be a better option.
  • Ensure the Material Is Durable. The sun, sand, and sea water will damage the cooler, regardless of how much you’ll try to protect it. Look for coolers that are made out of premium materials that don’t wear that fast. Pay attention to the toughness of the latch mechanisms, as well.

Top 10 Beach Coolers Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. eBags Crew Cooler IITwisted Poly$$4.7
2. Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner Fabric$4.5
3. AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation Polyester, Vinyl$$$4.5
4. MIER 24-can Large Capacity Soft Cooler Tote Insulated Lunch Bag Oxford Fabric$4.5
5. YETI Tundra 65 CoolerRotomolded Construction$$$$4.5
6. Rubbermaid Cooler, 10 qt., Red (FG2A1104MODRD) Double-walled Construction$4.4
7. Igloo 45069 Island Breeze Cooler With Wheels, Telescoping Handle Plastic$$4.4
8. Arctic Zone Titan Zipperless Cooler Rhino-Tech Exterior$$4.1
9. Freddie and Sebbie Cooler Bag, Insulated Soft Tote Bag, Perfect Size Fabric$4.1
10. Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler Plastic$$$4.1

What You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Beach Cooler

Keep these tips in mind to help you find the best beach cooler for your needs.

  • Look at the Lining. Some coolers may have a soft material on the outside, but hard plastic on the inside so that your items won’t get damaged. Make sure the cooler comes with a waterproof lining to prevent the liquids from leaking outside it.
  • Opt for a Big Lid. Always go for the cooler that has a big lid. Consider that a smaller opening will make it more difficult for people to find what they’re searching for. Not to mention, the more you keep the cooler open, the faster the ice will melt.
  • UV Resistant Paint. It might seem like an unnecessary embellishment, but UV resistant paint will preserve the temperature of the food and drinks for a longer period.
  • Choose a Cooler with a Drain Plug. Here’s another nice addition that we recommend. Not only that a drain plug will make it easier for you to get rid of the melted water, but you’ll be able to drain the water so that your beverages remain chilled for longer.
  • The Price. Like it or not, your budget will also have a say in what type of beach cooler you’ll purchase. A cooler from a well-known brand can get quite pricey. Fortunately, there are plenty of intermediate manufacturers that use premium materials and retail their products at affordable prices.

Top 3 Best Beach Cooler Reviews

1. eBags Crew Cooler II

eBags Crew Cooler II is the overall highest rated beach cooler regarding features, functionality, and price.

Its’ made from 840D Twisted Poly, so you can rest assured that it will keep your food and drinks fresh and just at the right temperature to quench your thirst.

It also features a “dry” compartment that comes with two zippers for easy access. The mesh pockets on the lid are destined for small items, such as napkins, while the bottom compartment offers enough space for cold items.

Insulated from all six sides, you can rest assured that this cooler will keep everything as fresh as you packed it hours ago. To make things even better, the cooler also comes with multiple side pockets where you can store your snacks, like biscuits, chips, or peanuts.

Sturdy, reliable, and with numerous compartments that make storing easier than ever before, eBags Crew Cooler II is the best beach cooler you can find.

2. Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

With a comfortable shoulder strap, this cooler from Coleman is easy to carry around. Not to mention, it is big enough to store all the cold treats you’d like. It even features multiple mesh pockets and zippered ones for extra storage room.

Whether you choose ice or an ice substitute, the hard plastic liner of this cooler will ensure that the temperature of your food and drinks will remain unaltered.

Extremely easy to clean, the PEVA liner is soft and meets all the FDA requirements to protect your food. The seams are heat welded and will prevent leaks. Moreover, this cooler comes with antimicrobial protection that is mildew and odor resistant.

Performant, safe, and affordable, Coleman 16-Can Soft Coller with Hard Liner is, without a doubt, a great investment.

3. AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

Big enough to fit up to 24 cans and withstand a temperature of 120 degrees for at least 24 hours, the AO Cooler is indeed a reliable product.

Whether you’re going fishing, boating, to the beach or up the mountain, this cooler will make it easy to carry all the refreshments and food you need.

Due to its rectangular shape, the AO cooler provides enough room for a family of four. The material is resistant to wear and tear, and it won’t break, tear or leak that easily. The high-density insulation is made of closed cell foam and has a ¾ inch thickness.

Overall, this is an excellent cooler, perfect for any outdoor activity.


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